is a

Every­one needs it.
No child on earth
can grow up healthy
with­out it.

We can only exist – not live –
when it is lacking.

The whole world is filled
with a cry for it:


But where does it come from?
Where can we find it?
And if we enjoy
true human love today,
one day it will be lost –
at the lat­est when death comes.
But there is a cry for eter­ni­ty
in us. In love, we tast­ed eter­ni­ty.
Love calls for eter­ni­ty.
So, what shall we do?

The only and unique source
of love is the liv­ing God,
the eter­nal ”I Am”
revealed in the Bible.

He is love. His being,
His very essence, is love.

But mankind has turned away
from Love, from our life ele­ment,
from our true King. Man does
not want Him to reign
and rebels against Him –
even to the point of deny­ing
His exis­tence. The human race
is in total revolt against God.

Since human­i­ty aban­doned
the source of love and peo­ple
sim­ply do what they like,
love is decreas­ing in our world.
Count­less symp­toms
prove this fact:

In all coun­tries, ego­ism and
mal­ice and hatred bear their
ter­ri­ble fruit. Social struc­tures
are break­ing up every­where. Mil­lions of peo­ple must leave
their homes and flee from their
neigh­bors and fel­low men.

God respects our free will.
He allows us to go our own way.
But because of His love for us,
He decid­ed to come to us in
human form, seek our hearts,
and offer us rec­on­cil­i­a­tion.
He even allowed us to kill Him,
open­ing by His death a way for us to receive His eter­nal life and
be rad­i­cal­ly trans­formed inside.

This is not just a good old sto­ry;
it is a won­der­ful fact that caus­es
a total change in us as soon as
we grasp and real­ly believe it.

The death of Jesus on the cross
is a mys­tery. It was the great­est event in the his­to­ry of the world.

Based upon this death,
every­one can now return to God,
find peace with Him, receive
Christ as the eter­nal live and
be saved from eter­nal death
(a con­di­tion in which there is no love at all, only hunger and thirst for love).

God invites us. We only need to open our hearts and
receive what He has for us.

Do you want to be on His side?
Do you wish to receive God’s
life and become His child?
(See the Gospel of John 1:12.)

Just express your desire by
some sim­ple, but hon­est words.
Here are two examples:

Jesus, save me!” – 0r:
„Lord Jesus Christ, I thank
You that You died for me
on the cross. For­give me for
every­thing that was wrong
in my life. You paid for all my
uilt, my rebel­lion, my sin,
because You love me.
Cleanse me with Your blood.
I admit that You are the Lord
and King of the whole uni­verse.

Be also my Lord, my King.
Come into my heart, live in me, and trans­form my char­ac­ter.
I want to expe­ri­ence and pass on
your love. Make me to be
your true love expres­sion.
Make of me a per­son whose life
real­ly has meaning.”

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